Two faced weekend

28 Aug

It all started out so well. On Friday night, we ventured out to the park as a family. There was swinging. There was laughing. It was lovely.

Hubby went to work on Saturday and the day seemed perfectly average. After Henry went to bed, I had dinner. As I started to do the dishes, I heard someone calling my name outside. I look out our window and there is Wes. “We need to talk” he says. Deron’s been hurt.

My phone had been on silent. I hadn’t heard the 12 calls. Deron had been at the ER for 90 minutes and I hadn’t been there.

I head to the ER and find my hubby. He’s bloody. Covered in gauze. But he’s cracking jokes. I know he’s alright. The diagnosis: a broken nose, fractured left orbit, and a gash that required 10 stitches.

We’re out of the ER by 9:00p.

The morning brought some relief. The hard part is over. More tests to come. More planning. But now we recover.


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