Happy Friday!

30 Sep

Okay…so work has totally kicked my butt the last few weeks. It’s challenging. It’s busy. It’s a major time commitment. True. But…there are times where it is totally worth it. And today was one of those days.

Nina Jablonski, an anthropologist at Penn State, spoke at the local high school today about the evolution of skin pigmentation. She is a very intelligent and accomplished scientist and it was great fun watching her presentation. Check out her TED talk:


Since we helped organize the high school event as part of our science outreach and engagement initiatives, we were invited to the subsequent event at the Lincoln Park Zoo. I guess when you are a famous anthropologist, you get special treatment at the zoo because they put on a good show. The gorillas demonstrated their ability to memorize eight symbol sequences on a touch screen. The chimpanzees demonstrated their ability to improvise tools for feeding. Original 1970s  documents written by Jane Goodall from Gombe were on display. We got to see the whole ape house. Top to bottom. Inside and out. Very cool.

All in all, it was a very memorable day.

Happy Friday everyone!


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