Henry’s progress report

1 Nov

Alrighty, Henry is now 10.5 months old. Time for an update…

Update #1

It’s official…Henry is getting his first teeth! After months and months of slobbering, two little baby teeth are peeking through. You can barely see them, those two little front teethlings on his bottom gums, but you can definitely feel them.

I suppose the signs were there along. His sleep patterns changed. He was a little more fussy than usual. The slobber got out of control. Of course, Grandma Sue predicted it. She said “I bet you he is getting his teeth in.” And, of course, I didn’t totally believe her. Then, pop, there are teeth!

It hasn’t been easy. No sir. But, in true Henry fashion, he is already using his tiny teeth to full advantage. Give him an apple splice and he will gnaw on that thing for 30 minutes until all that is left is a pulpy mess. Couldn’t do that a few weeks ago.

Update #2

Henry can get up on all fours. On his own! He can sit up. On his own! He can feed himself. (Sorta) on his own!

But, oh, he’s a sneaky monkey. If you watch him, he won’t do it. You can load the spoon with food and put it in his hand but all you’ll get is a crying baby. But, if you leave the spoon in the bowl, turn around to do the dishes or put something in the fridge, when you turn back around, yup, he’s eating from the spoon just fine. Same thing with sitting up. I go into the nursery to get him after a nap and, would you believe it, Henry is sitting up and clapping. Amazing.

Update #3

Not so much a Henry update but a family update. It looks like we might be moving…across the hall. A two bedroom apartment in our building is opening up in December and, after doing a bit of research and a lot of discussing, it seems like this might be a good upgrade for our family. Henry would get his own room. We’d have more space for visitors. We could use our dining room again. We’ll keep you posted as this progresses.


One Response to “Henry’s progress report”

  1. Sue Leadem November 2, 2011 at 3:28 pm #

    Yay Henry…..such a big boy!
    My dream: A bigger apartment for you + me visiting = weenie coffee in our jammies every morning while I’m there. =)

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