Today she’s a lady

17 Dec

No matter what I do, I always manage to look slightly disheveled. It doesn’t matter if I have the products, do the stuff, spend the time, I’m a bit rough. I embrace this about myself and I feel that it reflects my low-key Southwestern roots. I’m casual. No fuss. Don’t bother…I’m fine.

But sometimes I’d like to feel chic and elegant. Put in a little effort. Act like a lady. But ladies wear lipstick. Ladies have good posture. Ladies talk about polite things. Ladies dine late in the day. It’s a move I haven’t yet mastered.

And today folks, I think I did it. I was a lady. Briefly.

I slapped on some lipstick, removed the cat hair from my clothes, and enjoyed a lovely afternoon with friends at Chalkboard. The full service tea was delicious- a floral Earl Grey, delicate scones, dainty desserts. It was perfect.

I feel so fancy now. And six cups of tea later, am also highly caffeinated.

Happy weekend everyone!


One Response to “Today she’s a lady”

  1. Joan Bleakly December 17, 2011 at 8:37 pm #

    Good for you! An afternoon with friends is a real pleasure….and the “high tea” quite the treat!

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