Am I really too busy?

12 Mar

I just saw this article on A Cup of Jo. It’s like the internet can read my mind.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the last week (heck, the last year) saying things like “I don’t have enough time to work on my blog.” Or “I’m too busy to cook dinner/go to the gym/finish that project at work.” Oh, poor me. But, really, am I too busy or am I just losing track of time or maybe prioritizing things differently?

Season 6 of Doctor Who has been filling my evenings and I have been chatting a lot at work, rather than working on that grant. But I’ve also done some cool things lately, like meeting up with other local working moms, attending the Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year dinner (more on that later?), and spending time with my two favorite guys.

Maybe I just have to accept that there is a lot I want to do but not a TON of time to do it. But if I focus on my priorities and change my perspective a bit, maybe I can change my “busy” life into one that is “awesomely full.”


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