Tulip Time in Holland, MI

23 Apr

Our family spent the weekend in lovely Holland, Michigan. And true to its Dutch history, the city loves tulips. They were everywhere and we saw all kinds of tulips. They are really beyond description, so I thought that I’d be annoying photographer lady and show you some photos.

And a special thanks to Deron and Henry for tolerating me during our afternoon walk. I think I photographed every tulip variety along the way.



4 Responses to “Tulip Time in Holland, MI”

  1. jbleakly April 24, 2012 at 12:26 am #

    Gorgeous pictures, Becca! Michigan is known for it’s tulips. The house we owned there had at one time, been featured (before we lived there) in Better Homes and Gardens magazine & one photo showed the backyard hillside planted to all varieties of tulips. By the time, we bought the house, squirrels had relocated the bulbs so tulips popped up all over the front and the back yard. The last season we were in that house, the tulips bloomed…and then we had a surprise ice storm. Somewhere I have pictures of all these lovely flower encased in crystal clear ice. I’m glad the ones you saw were just blooming away. Beautiful!

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