Happy three day weekend!

26 May

Hey everyone! Guess what? We don’t have to go to work on Monday. Yay!

That gives us plenty of time to luxuriate in the weekend. To find time to relax. To pursue hobbies. To put our busy lives right again.

We’re taking it easy but I have a few fun things planned:

I hoping to make this killer layer cake from Smitten Kitchen.

It’s finally warm enough to plant our window boxes. I’m giddy with the thought of plant shopping.

We’re working on finishing up apartment decoration before the baby comes.

Plus, the beaches officially open this weekend. Time for fun in the sun.

Hope y’all have a great Memorial Day break!



I am such a follower

22 May

First, I devoured the Hunger Games trilogy.

Now, I’m tackling George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones series. The books, not the TV show. Haven’t yet seen the show.

I teased Deron about reading fantasy novels such as these. Then I teased my dad when he read the series. And look at me now, reading the same books. And not just reading them, enjoying them. They’re really good. I relented when I realized that the TV show had mass appeal. See, I’m such a follower.

Mountains out of mole hills

20 May

In case you haven’t heard, the NATO summit has taken over Chicago. Dignitaries from all over the world are meeting amidst the skyscrapers of downtown and those of us that live here are on red alert.

The protests might get out of control.

Terrorists might try to attack.

The firefighters and police are on stand-by.

Helicopters are circling the city.

People are staying home from work.

“Don’t go near the city unless you need to.”

Traffic is supposed to be a nightmare.

And so far, with all that warning, with all that hype, the biggest conflict we’ve seen involves a 17-month-old little boy that doesn’t like his carseat and who can’t be consoled. Not even with goldfish crackers.

Let’s hope that Henry’s tantrums are the worst drama of the week.

Let’s play catch-up

17 May

Oh man…how did it get to be mid-May already? We have so much to catch up on.

To speed this up, here are the 10 best things that have happened in the last 10 days (in no particular order):

1) My mommy came to visit.

2) Deron’s mommy came to visit.

3) I ate 0.81lbs of frozen yogurt in one sitting. And the next day, when my boss said that he didn’t believe me, I then polished off a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in one sitting. I am such a bad-ass!

4) I saw the White House at night. Beautiful!

5) At least 15 good-looking men greeted me with “Bonjour” at the Sofitel. So fancy!

6) My brother and I had a nice dinner together. We hadn’t seen each other in the last 13 months! He commented that I am always pregnant when I visit him.

7) I learned the Rep. Dold (R-IL) gets unlimited jelly beans from Jelly Belly. Jealous.

8) Deron finally relented to my pressuring and bought an iPhone. Unlimited iMessaging begins.

9) My hubby rocked his promotion test. You can now call him Captain Deron.

10) Henry learned to twirl.

Alright, now maybe we can get back to the regular blogging schedule.

More awesomeness from Refinery 29

11 May

I had always heard it was possible to make curls using a flat iron.

But I never really believed it.

Then lo and behold, this video arrived:

Refinery 29 curls



6 May

Since learning about fauxjitos!, I’ve become hooked on non-alcoholic cocktails. Friday night was mockaritas (which was basically just lime juice in sparkling water). Then came the sansgrias.

Did you get that? Sans-grias. Like sangria, only sans alcohol. I’m so clever.

Despite the silly name, these drinks are oh so pretty and oh so delicious.

To make the sansgrias, combine equal parts cranberry pomegranate juice and sparkling water (lime flavored). Add chopped fruit such as oranges, apples, and strawberries. Add ice and enjoy!

Number 6

6 May

Henry discovered hummus today…


I cannot tell you how grateful I am for paper towels and soap.

** This post is part of a 30-Day Gratitude Challenge inspired by the 365 Grateful Project.