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Apartment Inspiration #3

19 Nov

Have you ever been to an antique store or a junk shop and seen something you want but you know that it’s totally impractical? You know that you are never going to use it but you are compelled nonetheless?

That’s how I feel about vintage glass and pottery. I’m drawn to it. Don’t really know why. Maybe it’s my grandma’s glass shoe collection. I remember being a kid and studying her cabinet full of tiny shoes. I mean poring over every detail- the hobnail glass, the flower details, the subtle shape of each shoe. There were so many and I liked every single one.

And now, I love examining the tea cups, vases, and candy dishes found in antique shops. But I never buy anything. I’ll pick something up. Carry it around for awhile but I always end up putting it back. Why do I do that? Maybe this is my chance to indulge.

So here is Apartment Inspiration #3…

I love this combination of vintage glass and ceramics with modern print fabric. The prints are funky yet classic. The vintage pieces inspire some cool color combinations. And how cool would it be to have candy dishes and tea cups in our apartment and actually use them (even if only occasionally)?

Depression glass candy dish

Hobnail pitcher

Tea cup and saucer

Amy Butler Water Bouquet

Patricia Bravo Fashionable

Patty Young Turkish Garden

McCoy Pottery Vase

Jadite bowl

Fiesta Tea Pot

Joel Dewberry Bloom

Amy Butler Lacework

Joel Dewberry Blockprint Blossom

1 week done. Three weeks to go.


Apartment inspiration #2

17 Nov

As I’m thinking about decorating our new apartment, part of me wants a place that is calming. Something inspired by nature. Something that reminds me of our trips near the sea.

So, here is apartment inspiration #2:

Aren’t those fabrics by Lotta Jansdotter and Amy Butler super cool?! I’ve been a long time follower of Amy Butler but only recently discovered Ms. Jansdotter. Instant fan.

Another quick update on the new apartment adventure, it looks like we’ll be moving mid-January. That gives me two months to process my decorating options.

Lotta Jansdotter fabric

Amy Butler fabric

Porcelain sea urchin

Sea glass painting

Porcelain vases

Day 5 complete. 25 days to go.