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Lessons learned during Labor Day weekend

5 Sep

This weekend, we drove 6+ hours to Cleveland to visit with some of Deron’s relatives. Here is what I learned along the way:

1) Six hours is a long time for a baby to sit in a car seat. It turns out that they don’t like it much. Message received Henry.

2) Ten people cannot eat a chocolate sheet cake that serves 40. Doesn’t matter how hard they try. There will be cake left over for days.

3) B Spot is AMAZING! Recommendation: Lola burger (with fried egg on top), onion rings, vanilla/apple/bacon milkshake. Ranks up there with my favorite local burger places, Kuma’s Corner and Edzo’s. Yum!

4) Three-year-olds can be very wise. Learned that you can “shake the grumpies” out. I’ll remember that for the next bad day little A.

5) Baby Henry doesn’t like sharing a room with mommy and daddy. Scratch that. Henry loves sharing a room with mommy and daddy so much that he wants to stay up all night and play. I am, yet again, thankful for caffeine.

6) Road trips are a fantastic time to cram for an impending (?) trip to Latin America. Me gusta aprender espanol con Coffee Break Spanish. (side note: I still MIGHT be going to Bolivia. That “might” is driving me crazy!)

With Labor Day weekend almost over, we say good-bye to summer. Good-bye to long, sun-filled days at the beach. Good-bye to grilling in the backyard. Good-bye to flip-flops. Good-bye to green, leafy trees, flowers, and chirping birds. Summer, we will miss you so, so much!


Happy Friday!

2 Sep

Happy Weekend! And a happy long weekend at that.

My boys and I drive to Ohio tomorrow morning for a visit with the Cleveland relatives. It will be SO nice to escape the injuries, inconveniences, and busy-ness that has plagued us this week. We can just chill with the family and talk about how amazing Henry is.

And, naturally, I’ve researched the Cleveland food scene. Did you know that Cleveland has become a foodie town?! Who knew?! Michael Symon opened a burger joint called B Spot (check it out here), which apparently has one of the best burgers in America. Plus, Cleveland can claim a grilled cheese sandwich restaurant called Melt (here), where if you get a tattoo of the Melt logo, you get 25% off for life. If I was really reckless, I could cross something else off of my bucket list (read more). Ha!…just kidding Mom.

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!