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A moment of gratitude

30 Apr

This is my favorite part of the morning…baby bed head.

He wakes up every morning like this- hair going every which way.

It bounces as he plays and rolls on the floor.

I’m so tickled by it.


24 weeks!

24 Apr

This is gonna be a big baby.

It’s not a secret anymore…

28 Feb

…but we are expecting another baby!

Can’t hide it anymore. The baby bump is starting to grow.

Here we are at 16 weeks…


The due date is August 11.

We are SO excited!

A distraction

30 Nov

Today was a long day. And I’m tired.

But wait, look over here! It’s a cute baby!

We don’t need to dwell on my heavy eyelids or inability to form complete sentences. We can instead focus on this cuter bug:

Awww…isn’t he cute?


Night, night.