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29 Sep

Oh…hello there.

In all the hustle and bustle, I guess I forgot to pay attention to the blog. Oopsies.

Here’s what’s been going on…

1) Henry is (almost) crawling! He’s figured out how to drag himself around with his forearms. He’s figured out how to move forward. Very slowly. An inch at a time. But, nevertheless, moving forward.

2) Only three more days and Henry will be done with the helmet. Forever!

3) I’ve fallen asleep on the couch at 8pm every night for the last week. Needless to say, I’m tired. BUT, work is going well. All the youth programs have started successfully. The ball is rolling. I’m hoping, crossing my fingers that life will become more manageable soon. It will, right?

4) Deron has been amazing as always. He’s the best.

And, look at how cute Henry has been…

Let’s see if I can keep this up…


Slowing down for swing time…

11 Sep

I am so thankful for Henry.

When I am busy at work, he teaches me to slow down.

When I am sad, he is generous with his smiles.

When I am bored, he is eager to swing at the park…

Amidst Deron’s injury, traveling, and the demands at work, it’s been a tough few weeks. There haven’t been many opportunities to relax. And, even though I had to work on Saturday (ugh), we managed to find some time today to be quiet. We stayed in our jammies all morning. We went to the park. We enjoyed the last of the warmth and sunshine. It was lovely.


As a side note, Henry is making great progress with his cranial banding. Only three-ish more weeks to go and then we can get rid of the helmet. It can’t come soon enough for me- the helmet is starting to get in the way of cuddling and playing. You may have noticed it’s absence from the recent photos- I’m not the best a keeping the helmet on him.