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Happy Pie Day!

23 Nov

Okay…I made that up…Pie Day. To me, though, the day before Thanksgiving is an unofficial holiday. It deserves a name. So I made one up and I call it Pie Day because this is the day that all the pies and goodies are baked for the bigger, officially recognized holiday. While others might focus on the hassle of traveling and last minute turkey shopping, I’m choosing to focus on the joyful aspect of Thanksgiving Eve. I’m choosing to focus on the pie.

Here are a few reasons why Pie Day deserves more attention:

1. Pie Day has its own traditions. In our house, my mom always baked a pumpkin pie and a chocolate pecan pie for Thanksgiving. The day before, she would make the crust from scratch (!) and I remember her trimming and crimping the pie edges just so. She’d use the leftover crust dough to make little pie crust cookies with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top. It was the same thing every, single year. Now that I’m cooking my own Thanksgiving dinner, I can’t celebrate the holiday without those pies. I could choose other pies but I don’t. I love them.


2. Pie Day is about love. This is the day when everyone comes home, when everyone starts to come together in their pie-scented homes. People start to gather in the kitchen. The holiday anticipation starts to build and everyone becomes a little happier, a little softer.


3. Pie Day is a heck of a lot of fun. Pour a glass of wine, set out some yummy snacks, turn on some music, and bake up a storm. It’s an enjoyable process.


Pie Day is a day to be recognized and it’s something that we need. If you feel up to it, read this post about a girl with very grand ideas. It’s the right attitude. It’s inspiring. So let’s follow her lead. We need to celebrate more often. Let’s make extra holidays. Happy Pie Day!

Day 11, check!


Apartment Inspiration #4

21 Nov

Okay, there is my last thought on apartment decorating. Thanks for bearing with me.

What about decorating an apartment with bright colors, interesting abstract art, and silly things? I could definitely use some more whimsy in my science-driven life.

Okay, here is the inspiration:

This theme reminds me a lot of my sister, who is one of the most creative and fun people I’ve ever known. When we were kids, her bedroom was filled with hundreds of Pez dispensers and her cool acrylic paintings. I still have her paintings of an old guy smoking, a kitty “sleeping” on a rug, and Batman speaking in apostrophes hanging on our walls. What a playful source of inspiration!

Animal topped jars

Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet fabric

Claire desjardins painting (at least one similar to this)

Robert Kaufman metro living circles fabric

Poodle bookends

Everything is going to be alright poster

Cloud9 pond aster fabric

Sunburst mirror

Scrabble pillows

Thomas Knauer nest egg fabric

Jackalope wall hook


Day 9 complete. 21 days to go!