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Number 6

6 May

Henry discovered hummus today…


I cannot tell you how grateful I am for paper towels and soap.

** This post is part of a 30-Day Gratitude Challenge inspired by the 365 Grateful Project.


I’m grateful for gratitude

1 May


Today was a whirlwind. How did it go for you?

It was one of those days where you just hold on and do your best to keep up. Where there is no down time. Where you are pulled in multiple directions at once.

But I made it through. Everything turned out fine. All is well.

And at this moment, I’m grateful to be taking the time to reflect. To appreciate the people that helped me today. To remember the special and wonderful moments that arose. To recognize that today was a good day.

A moment of gratitude

30 Apr

This is my favorite part of the morning…baby bed head.

He wakes up every morning like this- hair going every which way.

It bounces as he plays and rolls on the floor.

I’m so tickled by it.