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14 Jun

Some of you may know that I’ve been working on a website re-design for…ummmm…awhile.

It involved learning the absolute fundamentals of website structure, like what exactly is HTML?

It involved hours and hours spent in front of the screen trying to figure out how to put a straight line right where I wanted it (or almost where I wanted it) or how to make the background white or figuring out how to get the social buttons to align horizontally rather than vertically.

There may have been some fist shaking. And some cursing.

It’s harder than it looks.

And the perfectionist in me wants to continue nit-picking and obsessing over details. It’s not even finished and it could always be better. But the timer went off. The deadline has come and gone. It’s time to let go. It’s time to share. So let’s call it a work in progress.

The new website can be found at kissymonsterblog.com. Tell me what you think. What is working? What needs to be improved? I know about some glitches and gaps (darn content reformatting) but let me know what could be better.

In the meantime, I’m just going to hide over here. I can’t look. I’m too nervous.