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Starting the day right

4 Feb

If I had to list my three favorite everyday, inconspicuous, not-nearly-appreciated-enough activities, it would go something like this: 1) going out to breakfast, 2) finding time to veg on the couch, and 3) sharing wine, hors d’oeuvres, and stories after a long day at work.

Lucky for me, we started our day with a breakfast date at Over Easy with our lovely and very enjoyable friends, Wes and Colleen. What a great way to start the weekend!

Since Henry joined our family, Deron and I have made an effort to go out for breakfast more often, especially since restaurant dinners are so few and oh so far between. And it seems to be working out for the best- it’s a wonderful routine. It puts me in a good mood. We enjoy some very yummy foods. And I guess lingering over a good cup of coffee, eating a stack of pancakes, and sharing laughs with your friends and family makes all the work week stresses seem distant (always a good thing). Plus, we get to explore the trendier restaurants in the Chicago area before the crowds descend. It’s a win all around.

And now that I think about it, some of my most lasting food memories, heck, some of my most lasting memories revolve around breakfast. There was the time we stumbled upon Captain Crunch french toast at Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore (best breakfast of my life). Eating a B&B breakfast at the White House Inn in Portland (my inspiration for at home breakfasts). Eating huevos rancheros in Cozumel, looking out over the ocean before a scuba diving trip (so beautiful). Going out to breakfast with my mom before our annual girl day/birthday shopping trip (fueling up for a day full of shopping).

I’ve had some good breakfasts in my life. And I hope that I can pass on my appreciation and the wonderfulness of this routine to Henry and his future siblings. Teach them that is important to sit down for a cheery and delicious meal in the morning, to celebrate Saturday/Sunday with a stack of warm, outragreously decadent baked goods, and to start the weekend days off right.




Hello new apartment!

15 Jan

The lease is signed.

We have the keys.

Our stuff is moving across the hall.

It’s finally here…moving day! Well, moving weeks.

Over the course of the next two weeks, we are moving out of our one bedroom apartment into a remodeled two bedroom apartment across the hall. Thank goodness…it’s the easiest move in the world.

We are SO excited for our new space but there are some sad feelings lingering around too. This is the first place that Deron and I lived in as a married couple. This is the place where Henry spent his first year of life. We’ve spent the last six years here. Many memories. So many memories.

Ahhh…but it is time to move on. We’re in a new phase of life and we are ready for a new apartment. So, we bid a fond farewell to our lovely first apartment and welcome the move into our new place. Hello new apartment!