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Good-bye little surfer dude…

30 May

It’s about time my friends…for us to cut off Henry’s hair.

The heat and humidity arrived over the weekend and much to our chagrin, Henry’s hair embraced it with exuberance.

First, his hair went curly.

But then it got sweaty.

And then grody.

And then there was ketchup in it.

It was more than I could handle. I tried to trim it but I didn’t know where to begin. Every snip seemed perilous. It was apparent that his hair had gone out of control and it was time for it to go. So, it’s gonna get cut…by a professional. And I think we’re gonna cut it VERY short.

We’re going to miss having a little surfer dude.¬†And I think that Henry will miss it too. Check out this face:

It’s like he’s saying “You’re gonna do what?! Say it isn’t so!”

Poor little guy.


Too darn cute

13 Dec

Henry is just too darn cute. I couldn’t help but post some more photos from the “first birthday shoot.”




A distraction

30 Nov

Today was a long day. And I’m tired.

But wait, look over here! It’s a cute baby!

We don’t need to dwell on my heavy eyelids or inability to form complete sentences. We can instead focus on this cuter bug:

Awww…isn’t he cute?


Night, night.