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30-day Gratitude Challenge

29 Apr

Inspiration can strike at odd times.

Today, this morning, right now, sitting and drinking my coffee in my jammies, I read this link in my Google Reader page:

365 Gratitude Challenge

And, ka-pow!, I’m inspired.

A photographic challenge to capture one moment of gratitude everyday.

It’s perfect.

It’s lovely.

It is so on.

What do you think, can you tolerate me for another 30-day challenge?




Tulip Time in Holland, MI

23 Apr

Our family spent the weekend in lovely Holland, Michigan. And true to its Dutch history, the city loves tulips. They were everywhere and we saw all kinds of tulips. They are really beyond description, so I thought that I’d be annoying photographer lady and show you some photos.

And a special thanks to Deron and Henry for tolerating me during our afternoon walk. I think I photographed every tulip variety along the way.