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Happy, happy Friday!

10 Feb

Some mornings just feel good, don’t they? You feel rested, your coffee is extra delicious, and you get some good snuggle time with your loved ones. Can you tell that I woke up in a good mood today?

We have another apartment-focused weekend planned. We’re in search of the perfect frame for this print, which I love (thanks Ben and Heather!):

I’ve also been obsessed with this Refinery 29 video on how to easily achieve a smoky eye. It makes me feel so cool!

I just discovered the food section on Pinterest and lordy!, there are some delicious desserts. There will be some baking this weekend.

Happy Friday everyone!


Pinterest madness

17 Jan

Have you heard about Pinterest?

It’s basically a content aggregator/online inspiration board. People post links and images from across the internet. It’s them saying “Here, I found something cool.” It’s apparently all the rage. At least in blog land.

Anyhoo, I recently started an account because I wanted a place to find and collect apartment decorating ideas. And I was cruising through a cool website called Design Seeds, looking for color palette inspiration. I pinned some images on Pinterest and BOOM, all kinds of people are linking to these images. The Pinterest community is HUNGRY for ideas. In ten minutes, about 20 people had viewed and “liked” the same images as me. It’s crazy.

It also amazes me how quickly the internet can connect people. How great is the internet?!