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27 May

See these little flowers…

Those little flowers represent something big for us.

Living in the Chicago-area, in an apartment, without a balcony or a porch or even a sunny window, we’ve never had the chance to grow plants during the summer. No marigolds or petunias or geraniums. No basil sprouting in the kitchen. No flower containers bursting with life.

And it’s made me sad.

Gardening is such a simple pleasure. To get my hands dirty while planting something with a beautiful color or shape or something that smells wonderful, that is a small joy for me. It calms me down. Helps me focus. Gives me something to look forward to. But it’s never been for us. Not here.

But guess what?!

After seven years of living in a dark, plant-less apartment, I now get to grow something! Okay, it’s nothing that big. But our new apartment has a teeny-tiny balcony, no more than six inches deep. And even better, there are planter boxes hanging on the balcony rail. Which meant that summer = plants!

I eagerly waited for the weather to warm up. And when the time was right (which just so happened to be today), I hustled down to buy some plants for our window boxes. I spent an hour wandering up and down the aisles at the Home Depot Garden Center, trying to decide what to plant in our very first window box. In my zealousness, I bought marigolds and geraniums and celosia and creeping jenny and sweet potato vines. Probably too much for our little boxes but I couldn’t help myself. It was too exciting!

The whole family helped plant the flowers. We all watched as they took their place on the balcony. And now that they are hanging in the windows, I walk by every so often just to look at the pretty flowers outside. I’m a happy girl.

So now we wait. And watch. Hoping that our little plants will grow into something bigger.


Lessons learned during Labor Day weekend

5 Sep

This weekend, we drove 6+ hours to Cleveland to visit with some of Deron’s relatives. Here is what I learned along the way:

1) Six hours is a long time for a baby to sit in a car seat. It turns out that they don’t like it much. Message received Henry.

2) Ten people cannot eat a chocolate sheet cake that serves 40. Doesn’t matter how hard they try. There will be cake left over for days.

3) B Spot is AMAZING! Recommendation: Lola burger (with fried egg on top), onion rings, vanilla/apple/bacon milkshake. Ranks up there with my favorite local burger places, Kuma’s Corner and Edzo’s. Yum!

4) Three-year-olds can be very wise. Learned that you can “shake the grumpies” out. I’ll remember that for the next bad day little A.

5) Baby Henry doesn’t like sharing a room with mommy and daddy. Scratch that. Henry loves sharing a room with mommy and daddy so much that he wants to stay up all night and play. I am, yet again, thankful for caffeine.

6) Road trips are a fantastic time to cram for an impending (?) trip to Latin America. Me gusta aprender espanol con Coffee Break Spanish. (side note: I still MIGHT be going to Bolivia. That “might” is driving me crazy!)

With Labor Day weekend almost over, we say good-bye to summer. Good-bye to long, sun-filled days at the beach. Good-bye to grilling in the backyard. Good-bye to flip-flops. Good-bye to green, leafy trees, flowers, and chirping birds. Summer, we will miss you so, so much!