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Our little baby is officially a little boy

20 Apr

When does a baby become a toddler?

Is it when they walk?

Is it when they turn 18 months?

Is it when they wear toddler clothes?

We haven’t really been able to figure out the line between baby and toddler.

But I think we’ve got it figured out now- a┬ábaby (at least a baby boy) becomes a toddler when he starts to like cars. And trucks. And vans. And tractors.

In the last month, Henry has received several small cars as presents. And while they weren’t that interesting at first, BAM!, now it’s cars and trucks all the time.

Somewhere in there, he became a little boy.

He loves to ride in this plastic car.

(Even though it’s blurry, I love this picture)

And he loves little cars too. Vrooom.

They just make him happy.

(I love this blurry photo too.)

So, little baby Henry is now little Henry boy.


Easier said than done

29 Feb

We said we wouldn’t give our toddler an iPod.

“There’s no need.”

“He should play with toys.”

“He should explore the world.”

“That’s lazy parenting.”

Oh well.


*Just to be clear, that is Deron’s old iPod. Only the screen works.