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Vacation within a vacation

6 Apr

While visiting my parents in Florida, Deron and I had a mini-vacation just for ourselves.

We drove down to the quiet town of Apalachicola, right on the Gulf coast. It was so charming and so full of history. A real treat.

We went to the beach on St. George’s Island…

We ate some delicious oysters at Boss Oyster…

And took in the fishing culture…

It was our first night where both of us were away from Henry and to be honest…it was wonderful. We got to stay out as late as we wanted. We slept in as late as we pleased. We didn’t worry about diapers or goldfish crackers or binkies.

It was just me and Deron.

Just like it used to be.

Long walks.

Good conversations.

A happy couple.



I heart Florida

5 Apr

After spending a few days with them in Florida, I think that my parents are the luckiest people.

Their lake house is amazing- overlooking the water, surrounded by forest, and enveloped by the sounds of exotic birds. Simply lovely. Totally relaxing. And the best getaway we’ve had in awhile.

Don’t we look happy and relaxed on the boat?

Okay, Henry hated the boat. Too much wind. Too much life vest.

This is a more telling photo of our time on the boat…

But it got better. He just needed his grandpa…


And while Deron and I spent a night near the coast, Henry got some quality time with Grandma and Grandpa.

They communed with nature and played in some mud…

Ate some delicious food…

And had some drinks on the water.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the wonderful vacation. And for the photos.

Can vacation last forever?

6 Jan

It’s been four days since our vacation ended and the vacation glow is starting to wear off. Dang! I was hoping it would last forever.

And this leaves me wondering…are there ways to prolong the effects of vacation? To make them more resistant to the real-world onslaught? Or maybe instill some vacation attitude into my world?

Besides the obvious…like you know…not working, sleeping in, eating whatever you want, staying in your jammies all day…are there easy-ish ways to bring more relaxation and vacation-like peace to everyday life?

After giving it a good think, I started a list. This is stuff I tend to do more on vacation. Let me know if anything needs to be added.

1. Go slower. Walk slower. Drive slower. Stop rushing everywhere.

2. Do less. Stuff doesn’t have to be perfect. Not everything is do-it-right-now, ASAP, super important. Just take it easy (or easier).

3. Look at the sky more. Watch the sunsets. Admire the stars.

I guess this is really a “take time to enjoy the small things” kind of approach.

It sounds so simple.

Geez…why don’t I do this all the time?

Alright, that’s it, I’m gonna do this. I’m gonna take the time and enjoy the small stuff. I’m going to resist the maelstrom. Vacation forever!