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Best flight delay ever!

4 Apr

We just flew back from visiting my parents in Florida and encountered six hours of flight delays. Ugh. I’m not going into it. We all made it through in one piece. We got $400 in travel vouchers. Enough said.

BUT, the most amazing thing happened while we waited in the airport. Check it out:


That’s my boy! Mama is so proud!

P.S.- I’ll tell you more about the vacation tomorrow. My brain is goo and I need to rest. Good night.


Video: Henry (almost) walking in the park

19 Mar

Watch how Henry puts his walking spoon to good use:

He’s almost got it!

17 Mar

We went to the park today to practice walking with Henry.

Walking is hard. But if you have a finger to hold onto…

and a walking spoon, you have everything that you need.

But sometimes you need to take a rest.

We’re working on the video. Stay tuned.