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Happy three day weekend!

26 May

Hey everyone! Guess what? We don’t have to go to work on Monday. Yay!

That gives us plenty of time to luxuriate in the weekend. To find time to relax. To pursue hobbies. To put our busy lives right again.

We’re taking it easy but I have a few fun things planned:

I hoping to make this killer layer cake from Smitten Kitchen.

It’s finally warm enough to plant our window boxes. I’m giddy with the thought of plant shopping.

We’re working on finishing up apartment decoration before the baby comes.

Plus, the beaches officially open this weekend. Time for fun in the sun.

Hope y’all have a great Memorial Day break!



Happy, happy Friday!

10 Feb

Some mornings just feel good, don’t they? You feel rested, your coffee is extra delicious, and you get some good snuggle time with your loved ones. Can you tell that I woke up in a good mood today?

We have another apartment-focused weekend planned. We’re in search of the perfect frame for this print, which I love (thanks Ben and Heather!):

I’ve also been obsessed with this Refinery 29 video on how to easily achieve a smoky eye. It makes me feel so cool!

I just discovered the food section on Pinterest and lordy!, there are some delicious desserts. There will be some baking this weekend.

Happy Friday everyone!

Happy weekend! (and Becca’s Christmas wish list)

10 Dec

Happy weekend!

It’s hard to believe everything that’s happened this week. So many changes. Maybe things will be a bit more normal with the new week. Crossing my fingers!

We’re taking this opportunity to settle down a bit  and return to the business of celebrating Christmas. I’m itching to decorate our tree, make some Christmas candy, attempt homemade egg nog, and build a gingerbread house. Lots of fun stuff to do and only 15 more days to do it. We better get crackin’.

I’m also wrapping up the week of Christmas wish lists with my own list:

Something she wants: Etsy artwork

My home is the sea

Other artwork: Married to the sea, Seaside, Kathleen, All Together, Pow wow, Jump

Something she needs: functional accessories

Weekend watch

Other functional accessories: Sunglasses, wallet

Something she wears: totally non-functional, just plain pretty accessories

Florence perfume

Other pretty accessories: earrings, scarf, bracelet, another scarf

Something she read: Books about sweets!

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Other books: Cakespy


Happy Friday!

18 Nov

Happy Friday everyone! We made it through another week. Our family is hunkering down at home this weekend. Hubby just came down with food poisoning (poor Deron!), so we’re in need of some extra R&R.

And look what came in the mail today…just in time… a care package from the weenie coffee fairy. Now we can snuggle in our jammies and drink delicious peppermint chocolatey-ness. Yum. Thanks weenie coffee fairy!

More tomorrow.