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Happy weekend! (and Becca’s Christmas wish list)

10 Dec

Happy weekend!

It’s hard to believe everything that’s happened this week. So many changes. Maybe things will be a bit more normal with the new week. Crossing my fingers!

We’re taking this opportunity to settle down a bit ¬†and return to the business of celebrating Christmas. I’m itching to decorate our tree, make some Christmas candy, attempt homemade egg nog, and build a gingerbread house. Lots of fun stuff to do and only 15 more days to do it. We better get crackin’.

I’m also wrapping up the week of Christmas wish lists with my own list:

Something she wants: Etsy artwork

My home is the sea

Other artwork: Married to the sea, Seaside, Kathleen, All Together, Pow wow, Jump

Something she needs: functional accessories

Weekend watch

Other functional accessories: Sunglasses, wallet

Something she wears: totally non-functional, just plain pretty accessories

Florence perfume

Other pretty accessories: earrings, scarf, bracelet, another scarf

Something she read: Books about sweets!

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Other books: Cakespy



Deron’s Christmas Wish List

9 Dec



Something he wants: toys!

Legos Volkswagon T1 Camper Van

Other things he wants: Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens, digital camera tripod, remote shutter release

Something he needs: dress clothes and accessories!

Fossil Grant leather watch

Other things he needs: Fossil front pocket wallet

Something he wears: Patagonia t-shirts!

Patagonia Mountains and Clouds T-shirt

Other things he wears: t-shirt, t-shirt

Something he reads: books about food!

Ruhlman’s Twenty

Other books he reads: Medium Raw, The Nasty Bits

Henry’s Christmas Wish List

6 Dec

Okay, given the sadness around our apartment these days, I need to post something a little lighter.

So, here it is folks, Henry’s Christmas wish list. It includes something he wants (toys!), something he needs (room decoration!), something to wear (sweaters!), and something to read (board books!). If it helps, I’ve included links for other stuff Henry might like.

Something he wants: toys

B. toys Parum Pum-Pum drum set

Other toys: B. toys ballyhoo balls, B. toys Fish and Splish Bath Boat, B. toys whacky ball, B. toys Zany Zoo Wooden Cube, B. toys Elemenosqueeze blocks, K’s Colorful Bowling Set, Kushies Beanstax, Kushies Stacrobats, Melissa & Doug Knob Puzzles

Something he needs: room  decoration

Land of Nod Robot Decals

Other decorations: Skip Hop bookends, Target Space Curtains, Land of Nod Planets Mobile

Something to wear: sweaters

Circo Robot Sweater

Other clothes: Circo dinosaur sweater, Ministar Bootz, Gap Bear Slippers

Something to read: board books

Goodnight Gorilla by Peggy Rathman

Other books: Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo, Dear Zoo, Dr. Seuss ABC, Harold and the Purple Crayon, My Truck is Stuck, Peek-a-who?