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Baby wields hammer

31 Jan

As Deron began to re-assemble our (now turquoise) IKEA furniture, he got a little help.


The move continues…

20 Jan

Happy Friday everyone!

Our move into the new apartment continues this weekend. And I gotta say…this is the best way to move. Ever! We carry a little bit more across the hall everyday. And gradually, stuff has started to accumulate in the new apartment.

No muss. No fuss.

My goal for this weekend is to move our closets and our kitchen stuff over. I know that everyone probably says this but I’m going to be more organized in the new place. Ha! Well…it’s at least going to start out more organized. I’m developing systems. I’ve bought shelves and boxes. Our closets and kitchen will not be a disaster this time! Right?!

And because our move has been a piece of cake, I’ve also found room for extra projects. Can’t make things too easy, now can we? So, I’m painting all the IKEA furniture that I hate in a color that I love. Hopefully Deron and Henry like turquoise and teal as much as me cause we’re going to have a lot of blue-ish furniture here soon.

Hope you all have a great weekend!